The Alien Creatures - Battork| Marketplace Character

Battork has no eyes, but sees everything. Fuel to anguished nightmares, it is lurking in the dark, ready to attack, roar and chase any soul, bringing pain and redefining immersion to players of any age. As a tribute to the masterminds of horror, Battork could win an award, but it has chosen to be a tormenter of souls, hearts and lives. Perfetly rigged, animated and in mind-blowing 4k, this monstrous being will bring darkness to any project it lands on. Battork is art. Art in the form of horror.

Battorkt is the third real-time character from our "The Alien Creatures" pack. Our goal is to create a complete character solution for developers that are creating horror and sci-fi games. We are currently developing more characters for this collection, each character will have its own animations and reactions. Follow us and keep up to date.

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September 5, 2022