Mecha Warriors: Retro X Spike | Marketplace Characters

Mecha Warriors: Retro X Spike | Marketplace Characters

Gear up with some awesome high-end mecha models for your project. Test the size of your ambition and get it done! Perfectly built for the Unreal skeleton, fully rigged an optimized. Use it within the horizon of your imagination, take your players into an evolved version of mecha action.

The pack contains two models:

- The Spike: A heavy metal crushing machine, built with fire, born to destruction.
- The Retro: A classy mecha giant with heroism at it’s core, built to last, the first to blast.

This pack is heavily pointed at high-end projects with a heart, with custom design features and part of a hard work asset-making project. Make the best of it.

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Concept Lead: Lupa
Concept Artist: Bruno Arruda
3D Art Direction: Douglas Coelli
Modeling: Glauco Matheus, João Guilherme, Tulio Rodrigues, Gustavo Calça
Texturing: Tulio Rodrigues, Gustavo Calça
Rigging: Douglas Coelli

August 25, 2022