The Alien Creatures - Crakoa| Marketplace Character

Are you lookin for a way to scare a player to the point of a brain meltdown? Crakoa is here to redefine fear, put the C in the word colossal and insert nightmares into any normal person mind. For the abnormal ones, it is the ancient god they were looking for, and… it is looking back at them. Fully rigged, animated and in glorious 4k, this gigantic master race is a source of madness to your gaming project. Crakoa is art in form of horror.
Crakoa is the second real-time character from our "The Alien Creatures" pack. Our goal is to create a complete character solution for developers that are creating horror and sci-fi games. We are currently developing 2 more characters for this collection, each character will have its own animations and reactions. Follow us and keep up to date.

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August 29, 2022